Join other supporters of Loved Twice by signing up to be a campaigner in the Grand Baby Campaign. We are recruiting 25 individuals or teams to fundraise a grand ($1,000) each, providing $25,000 to provide clothes and blankets to 1500 babies!

We provide you with support, over 100 fundraising ideas and the materials you need to be successful. You select an idea and run with it. Daunted by doing it alone? Recruit a friend.

What Other’s Have Done

  • Sold Clothes at a Consignment Store
  • Donated through their Mother’s Club
  • Sold Art Work
  • Put on a Golf Tournament
  • Asked for donations instead of baby shower gifts

More Ideas

  • Hosting a Spa Night
  • Wine Tasting Event
  • Organize a Swap Party
  • Home Auction
  • Selling Unwanted Items Online

Top Ten Ideas


Who knew good work could be so much fun! To learn more information contact us today! Ready to get started?

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